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JUNGHEINRICH - electric forklifts
ETV, old EFG & junior, MP1510C error codes

Err Display Description
1 Low battery voltage after key-switch
2 Battery voltage too high
3 Controller temperature too high
4 Emergency switch disconnected during travel
5 Battery supply voltage too low
6 High accelerator voltage or travel switch did not close
7 Key switch applied during travel
8 Both travel directions applied
9 Operator protection switch faulty
10 Controller capacitor voltage is different than battery, main contactor fault
11 Current sensor fault
12 Controller power stage driver faulty
13 Watchdog error - field circuit
14 Main contactor not closed, field faulty, supply fuse
15 Field driver faulty
16 Armature driver faulty
17 Watchdog error - armature circuit
18 Armature or phase - power stage cannot be switched on
19 Armature or phase - power stage short circuit
20 Armature incorrectly connected
21 Armature overvoltage - power stage short circuit high side
22 Watchdog error
23 Computer overload, CAN error
24 EEPROM faulty, parameters not plausible
25 No CAN telegrams from controller, no connection
26 Lift potentiometer - open circuit
27 Steering setpoint device faulty
28 Steering sensor - open circuit
29 Traverse sensor (pot) - multipilot
30 Tilt sensor (pot)- multipilot
31 ZH1 sensor (pot) - multipilot
32 ZH2 sensor (pot) - multipilot
33 ZH3 sensor (pot) - multipilot
34 CAN bus damaged
35 No travel zero position, deadman switch active after key-on
36 No lift zero position
37 No steering angle nominal value (setpoint)
38 Controller can not log on, self test faulty
39 Implausible truck type
40 Electric motor overtemperature
41 Brake magnet potentiometer - voltage out of range
42 Brake magnet output short circuit
43 Adjust brake
44 Brake coil - open or short circuit
45 Too many pulses from steering set device (wheel)
46 Steering setpoint - wrongly connected (direction)
47 No pulses from steering wheel
48 Steering type parameter incorrect
49 Can supply voltage too high
50 Multipilot not in neutral, horizontal tilt, parameter 540 wrong
51 Incorrect setting after teach-in: steering actual value
52 Incorrect setting after teach-in: brake magnet potentiometer
53 Incorrect setting after teach-in: steering setpoint value
54 Motor wire breakage during power-up test
55 Short-circuit in motor circuit, too high current
56 Motor reverse polarity (steer)
57 Steering actual value transmitter fault
58 Steering actual angle value incorrect (fluctuates)
59 Steering nominal value incorrect (fluctuates)
60 Swivelling bolster does not follow steering wheel directions
61 Power stage error
62 Power stage error
63 Sensor power supply out of range
64 Software versions differs
65 Multipilot centre shifter switch fault
66 180-360 steering mode switch fault
67 Multipilot travel direction switch fault
68 Deadman switch wire breakage
69 Both lift and lower switch active
70 Component self-test fault
71 Lower potentiometer wire breakage
72 No lowering potentiometer zero position
73 Valve output interface faulty
74 Interface output faulty
75 Proportional valve - incorrect current
76 Proportional valve - short circuit
77 Button wire breakage
78 Button and travel switch pressed simultaneously
79 Buttan and deadman switch pressed simultaneously
80 2 travel directions simultaneously
81 Different parameters for traction controllers
82 Safety height sensor fault
83 2 of the same components report on the truck
84 Faulty speed sensor
85 Too high voltage drops when working
86 Implausiblr speed, sudden change
87 Sensor bearing- open circuit
88 Hydraulic speed sensor fault
89 Hydraulic power release - low voltage
90 Handbrake on and travel
91 +24V out of range
92 Wrong component reporting on Canion controller
93 ACS capacitors not charged
94 Software error, software incompatible
95 Component pin code fault
96 No zero position on hydraulics (multipilot)
97 Faulty segment, no signal from swivelling bolster or out of range (steering)
98 Sensor bearing and proximity switch not plausible or inverted (steering)
99 Can bus driver damaged
100 Multipilot software inplausible
101 Jubes input or output fault
102 Jubes internal error
103 Jubes parameter error
104 Sensor bearing - no pulses on system startup
105 Motor temperature sensor - out of range
106 Controller temperature sensor - out of range
107 Key switch voltage out of range or incorrect hardware encoding
108 Controller - calibration reading incorrect
109 Brake pedal faulty (MFC)
110 MFC output faulty, short-circuit
111 No can telegrams from steering controller
112 Too many can telegrams from steering controller - overload
113 No lift controller Can telegrams
114 No traverse distance reference on key-on
115 Main contactor improbable, contacts not close or power stage short circuit
116 Set truck type
117 Cab position implausible (Canion), check 180 switch and potentiometer
118 Steering controller error
119 Weigher button faulty
120 Weigher pressure sensor faulty
121 Battery incorrectly locked