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HAULOTTE - scissor lift COMPACT 8-8W-10-10N-12-14 & OPTIMUM 6-8
ZAPI PPE error codes

MDI display Description
AL01 Proportional valve coil not ok
AL06 Serial communication error between variator and upper box or MDI
AL10 Weighing card signal not ok
AL13 EEPROM fault
AL32 VMN voltage not ok, short-circuit in pump motor
AL37 Contactor is always closed
AL38 Contactor is always open
AL49 Current sensor fault, no current
AL53 Current sensor fault, high current in standby
AL60 Controller capacitor charge fault
AL62 Thermal protection
AL73 Short-circuit in valves coils or horn
AL74 Positive voltage driver is shorted
AL75 Contactor coil driver fault
AL78 Joystick voltage is not ok, joystick not in neutral position
AL79 Incorrect start sequence
AL80 Forward and reverse signals are both active
AL90 Driver1 coil YV6 fault, open or short-circuit
AL91 Version not ok, check overload sensor parameter
AL93 Wrong input configuration
AL94 Mismatch between master and slave processor
AL95 Pressore not ok, platform overload
AL96 Traction is cutted - platform over 8m
AL97 Current too high - pump motor
AL98 MDI and variateur MTH not equal
AL99 Check up needed