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BT/CESAB/TOYOTA - electric forklift
All models with Curtis 1243C SEPEX controller error codes

LED display Description
C3 Shock sensor has been triggered
C4 Shock sensor system stopped all functions
C11 Safety guard switch defective
C19 Incorrect values of the parameters of the stacker
C20 When starting speed control knob is not in neutral
C21 Fork lift handle is not in neutral at power on
C22 One of the loader movement buttons was pressed during start
C26 No communication with servo motor when starting
C28 Emergency switch tripped
C29 Maintenance required, reset mainteance counter
C30 Maximum lifting capacity exceeded
C31 Problem with hydraulic sensor or cables
C35 Servo motor overheating
C41 Too low battery voltage - traction unit
C42 Too high battery voltage - traction unit
C43 High temperature in traction transistor unit
C46 Too low battery voltage - pump unit
C47 Too high battery voltage - pump unit
C48 High temperature in pump transistor unit
C50 Platform sensor error
C51 One of fork height detection signals received from sensor is incorrect
C52 Invalid parameter entered - pump controller
C60 Faulty hydraulic sensor or wiring in lifting system
C61 Defective hydraulic sensor or cable in the POWERTRAK system
C62 Faulty hydraulic pressure in the POWERTRAK system
C63 Defective wiring in the POWERTRAK system or in pump transistor unit
C70 Breakage of shunt excitation winding in pump motor
C71 Short at M- pump unit or in pump motor
C72 Faulty current sensor in pump transistor unit
C73 Faulty communication with drive controller- pump transistor unit
C80 Steering servo - standard sensor defective
C81 Steering servo - standard sensor defective
C82 Steering servo - current too high
C90 No communication in add-on input module 1
C91 No communication in add-on input module 1
C92 Program error in add-on module 1
C93 Program error in add-on module 2
E101 Hardware malfunction
E104 Hardware malfunction
E106 Drive controller: digital output current or field current too high
E107 Main contactor not switched on
E108 Main contactor welded
E110 System error
E113 Servo motor undefined error
E114 - E134 Servo motor error
E135 Potentiometer needs to be calibrated- use parameter 36
E136 Potentiometer error
E137 Servomotor- check control amount
E138 Servomotor- no communication
E139 No communication with servo
E140 Checksum error
E141 Faulty software
E150 CAN communication failure
E151 CAN communication failure
E157 CAN malfunction
E159 CAN malfunction
E160 Malfunction of function of choosing travel direction
E200 Drive controller: shunt winding open circuit
E201 Drive controller: M- output short circuit
E202 Drive controller: faulty current sensor in controller
E214 Drive controller: communication malfunction